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Customized treatment, care and mobility solutions for those who won't let a disability define them.

At AtlanticProCare, we believe that the right prosthetic and orthotic care isn't just about improving mobility. It's about improving your whole life. That's why our team delivers personalized, holistic treatment that starts with understanding your goals and desires as an individual. And carries through to hands-on care that ensures you get both the knowledge and the device you need, as well as the training that will help you live the life you want. It's this approach that makes us the leading Maine prosthetics and orthotics care providers.

Who we serve.

We serve those who want to live lives as active and fulfilling as they were before their disability -- maybe even more so.


We have a patient-centered approach, a team of highly trained clinicians and a methodology that enables us to assess, fit and manufacture a prosthesis in one visit. Many of our patients walk out on their new prosthesis the first time they see us. Our clinical focus is on providing care for three main conditions: Lower limb amputation, upper limb amputation and spine pathologies. And we are proud to be on the leading edge of practices focused on patient outcomes measures to improve performance.

Beyond clinical care, however, we are also active and vocal advocates for our patients and are involved in the issues that impact them. We offer many resources to help our patients living with limb loss and physical challenges and encourage them to be active advocates on their own behalf as well.

But don't just take our word for it. Talk to one of our peer counselors. Learn more about our staff. Or see what our patients themselves have to say about their experiences with us.

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