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Scoliosis patients can lead active, normal lives.

Treatment that puts scoliosis patients ahead of the curve.

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Scoliosis care.

Scoliosis, a sideways curve of the spine, is a common condition among many children and adolescents. Instead of a straight line down the middle of the back, a spine with scoliosis curves, sometimes looking like a letter “S” or “C.”


While doctors are not sure what causes the most common type of scoliosis, called “idiopathic,” scoliosis often shows up in children when they reach puberty. Because scoliosis is rarely painful, children and their parents may not discover it until there are more obvious signs, such as:


• Tilted, uneven shoulders, with one shoulder blade protruding more

than the other

• Uneven waistline

• One hip higher than the other

• Overall appearance of leaning to the side


Scoliosis is often first detected during a school screening or at a

regular check-up with the pediatrician. If scoliosis is suspected, your

doctor will order an x-ray image of your child’s spine to make a firm

diagnosis. The x-ray will also show your doctor how severe the

curve is.


In many cases, the curves are slight and do not require treatment.

Children with more severe curves may need bracing or surgery.


The most widely used bracing treatment is the "Boston" brace.  

This brace design has a long and well established track record

going back decades.  Based on sound mechanical principles and

a "modular" system, each brace is made for a child based on a particular curve and body type and is effective at limiting progression of your child's curve.


We are fortunate to have several excellent orthopedic resources in our area for the treatment of Scoliosis.  One of the leading specialists is Dr. Philip Anson of Maine Medical Partners. In addition to specialization in many other aspects of orthopedic surgery, he is known for his extensive experience and his excellent results with both the surgical and non-surgical treatment of Scoliosis and is arguably the best in Maine. We are proud to work extensively with Dr. Anson and have a close rapport with his office facilitating scheduling and coordination to make the logistics for your care significantly easier.

To schedule your free consultation to talk about your options please call us toll free at 1-877 538 8825 or email our office.

Talk to one of our Scoliosis Peers

Have questions about living with Scoliosis? As part of our Peer Program, we can connect you with other Scoliosis patients and their families. They can help provide a "real-life" perspective on the condition and how it is likely to affect you. Learn more about the Peer Program here. Or click the button below to see some of our Scoliosis Peers.

Taking the Boston Brace treatment to the next level. 

Recent studies have revealed subtleties that can enhance the basic concept of the Boston brace and result in an even more effective design. At AtlanticProCare, we employ this new knowledge in every brace we develop.  Also, instead of using the modular system of body types and having your child's brace made by a central fabrication facility, each brace is made here in our extensive, on-site lab using advanced Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing techniques to actually sculpt an accurate model of your child's torso.  The result is exceptional function and comfortable fit that is more easily accepted by your child.

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