Meet our Scoliosis Peers.

Learning to live with scoliosis can be challenging. Sometimes it can be helpful to talk with someone who has been through it. Our scoliosis peers know firsthand the adjustments – both physical and emotional – that scoliosis requires. And they want to share their experience with you, to help ease that adjustment. Learn more about them here, and then, to connect with one, click the button below.

Scoliosis Peers

Halee has a deep knowledge of scoliosis as both she and her mother have the condition. In Halee's case, it has hardly slowed her down at all. She leads an incredibly active life, and she's ready to help you understand how you can, too. 


In many ways, Abby is your typical young lady, living with a packed and demanding schedule. The brace she wears is the one difference in her life. While it's not something she enjoys, she's learned how to deal with it. And can help you do so, too.


In Katie's view, scoliosis is an inconvenience, but not much more. In fact, she kind of enjoys answering questions about her condition and her brace. The brace is uncomfortable at times, but it doesn't slow her down. Her positive outlook is bound to be uplifting to you.

Parent Peers

Danielle is Katie's mother, and like her daughter, has a very positive, upbeat outlook. Any parent whose child is facing scoliosis will find Danielle's perspective very encouraging.


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