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Our Coordinated Care Teams deliver the best prosthetic and orthotic care to Maine amputees.

There is no "I" in our teams.

But there's plenty of you.

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Coordinated Care Teams

The term “care coordinators” is unique. Not many orthotics and prosthetics providers use this term that we adopted several years ago. 


Our care coordinators are a distinct representation of how we CARE for our amputee patients. We have an extended care team here to assist delivering our care to you as a fully coordinated team. From recording vital signs on each visit and sharing them with your primary care physician to helping navigate insurance questions, these uniquely trained healthcare professionals are charged with exceeding expectations of the delivery of the care we provide.


Between the seamless care this team facilitates and our in-house technology and laboratory functions, we are able to:


• fit prostheses in just one visit, speeding recovery time and saving healthcare dollars.

• coordinate care in real time with primary care providers.

provide care virtually via technology links.

share outcomes data to facilitate patient and provider improvement.


Our care coordinators should always be your primary contact for any needs. They are your point person on the team, able to access every aspect of your care delivery. Please feel free to reach out!

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