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Measuring patient outcomes

one foot at a time. 

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Outcomes Measures

At AtlanticProCare, we believe that quality post-acute care shares several key characteristics:

1. It is patient-centered, focused on their goals and lifestyle needs.

2. It is integrated, with all providers coordinating care that's in the patient's best health and financial interest.

3. It is measurable.

As hard as it may be to believe in 2020, not all providers are concerned with measuring the quality of the care they provide. But we are, and we have been for a long time. 

So how do we measure the quality of our care?

Here are two examples.

Overall Patient Satisfaction

Patient Satisfaction Scores

We have participated in Quality Outcomes Patient Satisfaction Scoring since 2012. This measures performance as reported by patients across a range of different questions pertaining to the care they received and compares it to other leading practices across the country. We're proud to note that AtlanticProCare exceeds the overall rating across the industry in this important measure.

Overall Score: AtlanticProCare vs National

Gait Study

Another important outcome measure is our Gait Study. Using innovative G-WALK technology, we are able to instantly measure and analyze as many as six different parameters important to assessing patients' mobility. These parameters are then captured in a report that becomes part of the patient's ongoing history and is used to help drive course of care adjustments and enable faster progress toward patient goals.

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