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Our goal: to make a missing limb something that's barely missed.

The right prosthesis can make

a world of difference. 

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Left to the subjective opinions of the patient -- or the provider -- a prosthesis can be a classic example of the remedy that's worse than the disease. Uncomfortable. Difficult. Clumsy. But it doesn't have to be that way. At AtlanticProCare, our outcomes-based approach helps ensure that we match you with the prosthesis that will help you live the life you want. We are patient-focused and outcome driven.

For amputees, maintaining a good fit is absolutely essential for safety, comfort and quality of life, but because the limb is always changing size, this can be a challenge. We bring the best that prosthetics has to offer to Maine and if the solutions that you need don't exist, we will create them for you. Our approach is simple: To listen to you and your needs first. We then team with you and your entire healthcare team to optimize your health and well-being.


We use tools like the Clear-Vu™ Socket to aid in fitting, visualization and patient education. The Patient Satisfaction Survey makes sure we are meeting your needs. And the Amputee Mobility Predictor helps meet your insurance company’s compliance as well. We aim to show outcome measures that accurately reflect your functional mobility and quality of life to drive the direction of healthcare back where it belongs -- focused on quality!

From our unique, patient operated system that allows the fit to be easily and constantly updated to our constant innovation in treatment, we make sure you get the prosthetic and the treatment you need to live a life without disability. See how our approach can work for you. Click the links below to learn more about our team or our approach. Or to schedule your free consultation to talk about your options, please call us at toll free at1 877 538 8825 or email our office.

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