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The best amputee care in Maine and the best prosthetic patient care in Maine

We start with where you want to be.

And we don't stop until you're there.

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If you're looking for amputation information, we're here to help. If you are a new amputee or facing the possibility of amputation we understand that this is a difficult time. Often the largest source of stress is the unknown. We can provide you or your family with amputation resources, meet with you just to talk about what's ahead or we can get you together with one of our Amputee Peer Counselors, people who have gone through it and who have made a commitment to help others facing this challenge.


Bottom line? Your artificial limb or brace shouldn't hurt, it shouldn't limit you and we will guide you through the complex process of securing the prosthesis that best suits you. And finally, if you're wondering if your prosthesis or orthosis should be better, then you already know that it can be better. We'll schedule time to talk with you and find out how we can help, at no charge to you.


Thanks for your interest, we look forward to meeting you.To schedule your free consultation to talk about your options please call us toll free at 1-877 538 8825 or email our office. Or learn more about how we can help you by clicking the links below.


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