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The Lab: Where the Magic Happens

Our lab is where our custom precision prostheses are designed and built.

Our patients come in, meet with our team, discuss their needs and goals, we do some evaluation and measurement, and then POOF! A new prosthetic limb appears.

At least that can be how it seems. But in reality, there's a lot of work going in our lab, behind the scenes. This is where we do the highly technical, exacting work that results in a new precision prosthesis that soon becomes a very intimate part of patient’s daily lives.

Having our fully operational lab onsite means we can control the production of our custom prosthetic limbs precisely and with our hands on at all times. Unlike many “shops” that simply send the prosthesis away to have it made, we can control the process and maintain only the highest degree of quality and development standards. We also have greater control over the time it takes as well.

Our lab is a clean, orderly place that houses all of our inventory, stocks of supplies and componentry. It was built using lean manufacturing principles and is fully CAD/CAM integrated, which enables us to:

• Optimize the efficiency of our team and of our patients' time

• Design on the highest tech software for truly custom and innovative prostheses

• Eliminate the need for dusty, inaccurate and unreliable plaster models through our AtlanticProCare Clear-Vu™ socket technology

• Harvest data over time -- such as the quantification of a patient’s physical changes -- which is highly valuable in the delivery of care

• Maintain the highest levels of accuracy, consistency and repeatability

• Drive process improvements

The Lead Technician runs the lab, and communication with the lab is through the same EMR the rest of the team uses. Fully integrated into the team, our technicians are highly skilled and trained to use precision techniques in developing prostheses.

This technology and the teamwork that underlies it are what made it possible for us to create our Rapid Ambulation Method care platform that delivers a new prosthesis in one visit.

A lot of people would love to see what happens in the lab. But that would be kind of like a magician showing you how he did the card trick. It would take all the magic out of that moment when we walk back into the room with a brand new, custom-fit, highly engineered prosthesis for you.

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