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Limb Loss Awareness

Let's celebrate what those with limb loss gain.

April is Limb Loss Awareness Month, and it's an opportunity to shine a light on a subject that is often uncomfortable for people to discuss. I encourage everyone to get involved in some of the many events that are planned for this month.

As I think about this worthy effort to remove the stigma attached to limb loss, I find the perspective it reflects interesting.

The term "Limb Loss Awareness" clearly reflects the perspective of someone who has not experienced limb loss, as anyone who has experienced it firsthand would be most decidedly aware of it. This is a great way to marshall support from the general population for those dealing with limb loss, and it has worked with many other causes.

While we're bringing needed attention to the issues of limb loss, I'd like to propose we also acknowledge another kind of awareness. Call it "Lack of Limb Loss Awareness Month." And use it to showcase the achievements, big and small, of the countless men, women and children who have experienced limb loss and not let it slow them down. Who have discovered the power of perseverance despite their loss.

Everyday, I see patients like this. Patients whose focus, courage and will I admire greatly. A month dedicated to awareness of what they have lost is terrific. But for me, this month is

a celebration of what they gain.

#Limbloss #amputee #advocacy #support

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