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Our Coordinated Care Teams deliver the best prosthetic and orthotic care to Maine amputees.

If a limb is lost and no one misses it, is it really gone?

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Limb Loss Awareness

Every year, there are on average about 600 amputations in Maine. While that may not seem like that many, it's nearly one in every 2,000 people in the state. So chances are, even if limb loss has not affected you personally, you know someone whom it has affected.

For those who lose a limb -- and for their loved ones -- the initial news can be devastating. But it doesn't have to be. Advances in technology and care mean that today, many amputees can live active, productive, fulfilling lives.


The resources here can help you develop a good understanding of limb loss and what it means to live with it. 

Coping with Limb Loss

Maine Limb Loss Facts

New Hampshire Limb Loss Facts

Massachusetts Limb Loss Facts

Amputee Association of Maine

What it's Like Living with Limb Loss

Limb Loss Resource Center

Limb Loss Resource Guide

Living with Limb Loss: What Amputees Can Expect

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