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Physical therapist helping amputee patient in rehab

"They are partners to me, not vendors."

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Committed to patient outcomes.

"As a therapist, I find nothing more frustrating than having a patient’s rehab delayed or interrupted because of prosthetic barriers and poor follow up. But with AtlanticProCare, there’s a strong emphasis on matching each patient with the components to facilitate maximum function and quality of life. Their staff takes the time to get to know each person and their unique needs, goals and preferences, and I can trust that every person will be given the opportunity to reach his or her full rehabilitation potential.


"I first heard about AtlanticProCare when I was treating one of their patients and was impressed by the quality and fit of their prosthesis along with the communication and follow up. They stood out in comparison to other providers in all aspects of care provided.


"JP invests in keeping his team -- and therapists like me -- abreast of advancements in the field and utilizes evidence and experience to guide his team's decisions regarding new technologies and specific components. They are innovative, enthusiastic and creative problem solvers who are completely motivated to offer patients the best customized solutions to fit their needs. They are partners to me, not vendors.


"But they also cultivate a connection with each patient and their family, taking the time to understand their needs. My patients feel that JP and AtlanticProCare truly care for them beyond their components. They feel that the AtlanticProCare team advocates for them to get what they need and is prepared to overcome barriers to ensure that patients receive the most appropriate prosthetic components. This often requires extraordinary efforts to gather substantiating documentation to demonstrate necessity, as well as problem-solving relative to comfort and skin integrity issues. Patients continually tell me that they are treated like family at AtlanticProcare and many have been able to push their limits to meet goals they previously thought were unattainable, resulting in improved quality of life and participation in desired activities. They are able to feel positive and hopeful about their future as an amputee."



Sarah E. McLean PT DPT


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