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High quality clinicians deliver excellent amputee patient outcomes.

"Patients are their priority and it shows."

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A patient-first practice.

"Many of our patients are complex both medically as well as psycho-socially. They need constant guidance and frequent reminders to follow through with their care. If they have a good experience and can build a relationship and trust with a prosthetist, they are more likely to adhere to the care plan. For most patients, their prosthetist becomes family; it is a lifelong relationship.


"I send patients to AtlanticProCare because their team are easy to work with, timely and thorough with communication, efficient and put the patient first. Patients are their priority and it shows. When JP and his team are involved I know that the patient will be receiving comprehensive care at the highest level, from high-quality clinicians who go above and beyond for the patient.  They have the equipment and expertise to service the patient’s needs right at their facility, in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. I have observed interactions between the AtlanticProCare team and patients and I couldn’t ask for friendlier or more competent clinicians.


"AtlanticProCare makes the referral process easy.  They are committed to getting patients in and seen quickly, and ensuring their needs are met. When I need something I call JP and him or his team often offer same day or next day service. They are timely with their communication and I feel confident that patients are well taken care of. I also feel I can call JP when I have questions about what type of footwear or offloading devices I need for patients and he is always willing to help. JP keeps up to date on evidence supporting his practice and does his own research as well. He is innovative and is always thinking  'one step ahead'.

"Our patients have excellent outcomes with AtlanticProCare. Their needs are met, they are happy with their experience, and they have have formed relationships with AtlanticProCare and keep going back. I think that is proof of a satisfying experience!"


Hilaire Doiron RN CWOCN

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