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Personalized care for for amputees and custom-fit prosthetics for amputees

"My AtlanticProCare family has helped me to exceed my expectations."

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Individually-focused care.

“Five years ago, I was with another prosthetic company -- the so-called "leader" nationally in the business.  I found their "one size fits all" approach to prosthetics to be limiting and leading to a grim outlook for my future. I was actually told at one point by those I was working with that my poor fit and almost useless legs were probably "as good as it was going to get" for me.  I found this to be unacceptable for my lifestyle and began to seek an alternative. My Physical Therapist -- an outstanding professional and caring person -- suggested I talk to AtlanticProCare.


“My experience with AtlanticProCare has been nothing but positive. They base the care they provide on the individual patient’s life and the goals he or she hopes to attain. They listen to people, don't just throw you in a prosthetic and ship you out the door.  If you have a problem, it's addressed immediately and thoughtfully.  They keep their patients updated with the latest in technology available and are never afraid to give anything of benefit a try. With their commitment to providing me with the best care and equipment available, my AtlanticProCare family has helped me to exceed my expectations of being an amputee. They are the best!


“AtlanticProCare has made such a difference in my quality of life. There is nothing worse than being told "that's as good as it gets" when it really isn't!  With their overall attitude, professionalism, "out of the box" thinking, friendship and caring, I’d say "Care" is the most important part of the AtlanticProCare name.”


Don Patriquin

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