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Our Coordinated Care Teams deliver the best prosthetic and orthotic care to Maine amputees.


Aim • Persevere• Conquer

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Let’s support each other in pursuit of our goals

Everyone in the APC family – patients, families and friends – is working toward some goal. Maybe it’s as simple as standing for the first time. Or reaching an exercise goal. Or training for a challenging hike.  Whatever the goal, it’s a little easier to achieve if you don’t feel alone. Whether you need some encouragement, or want to lend some to others in our APC community, #APCwithAPC is a great way we can all support each other.

How to submit your #APCwithAPC

  1. Post on AtlanticProCare’s Facebook page

  2. Tag us on your post on Facebook or Instagram (@atlanticprocare)

  3. Tweet at us @Limbs4Life

  4. Email to

  5. Fill out the form below

Not ready to share?

Help support your fellow community members by liking, commenting, sharing and encouraging. Feel free to ask our Care Coordinators for help in joining the #APCwithAPC community today!

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