Meet our Amputee Peers.

When you're facing the prospect of life without a limb, it's often helpful to talk with someone who has been through it. Whether you're a soon-to-be amputee or someone who will be caring for an amputee, our peers know exactly what you will be going through and can help ease your journey every step of the way. Learn more about them here, and then, to connect with one, click the button below.

Amputee Peers

Peter knows firsthand how important the advice you receive can be, because he received some himself that was not particularly helpful when he faced the important decision of whether or not to amputate his leg. It has made him especially sensitive to the challenges new and soon-to-be amputees face as they adjust to the their new reality.


Mike's nickname is "Sarge." As you might expect from that, he's a take charge kind of guy who believes that amputees have to be their own strongest advocates if they want to attain their goals for their lives. And he has a lot of practical advice for exactly how to do that that he's ready to share with you.


A motorcycle accident took Tim's leg. But it couldn't touch his spirit. Tim leads an active, physical life, and he enjoys the challenge of overcoming obstacles that others might consider impossible for an amputee. He looks forward to sharing his experiences to inspire other amputees.

Caregiver Peers
Cathy Le Shane

Cathy’s an Amputee Coalition Certified Peer Visitor with 30+ years of healthcare experience. She's the only certified caregiver peer in Maine. She also happens to be AtlanticProCare's business manager. So when it comes to what new amputees and their caregivers will experience, she absolutely has the knowledge that can help.


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